Queer Female Duo NIMMO: A Force of Inspiration

British electro-pop outfit NIMMO, once a 5 piece band spanning 10 years, has evolved into a powerful charismatic female queer duo. Their original electronic band has transitioned the many genres to expressing itself as a marriage of euphoric symphony of sounds with catchy upbeat dance-floor grooves, as heard in their latest remix of IYVES’s track “Gold”. 

As visible role models for LGBTQIA+ youth, NIMMO have been a force of inspiration for queer female musicians worldwide. They address the lack of female artists representation at live events by inviting and booking them to their own NIMMO-curated events. Subvrt caught up with NIMMO recently. 

As two best friends from London who have been drawn together to co-create as a magical female queer pop duo, NIMMO makes some pretty eclectic and beautiful sounds that feel effortless, seamless and pure. How did the forces of nature bring you two together?

We met on the first day of secondary school in London when we were 11! It’s been a force of nature ever since.

What motivates the creativity and life-force of NIMMO?

Our social life in London has a big part to play – our experiences in our city inspire so much of our material.

The remix to the original Iyves hit single “Gold” has two unique recreations. One from producer Charlie Fauna and the other from NIMMO. Would you describe the melding Charlie’s “euphoric symphony of sounds” and Nimmo’s “upbeat dance-floor groove” a unique fusion of genres?

I think its always a great mix when you get a really strong vocal to work with. The production felt very emotional too which is always great as you can inject that into the groove when remixing.

What was the inspiration that led to the remix of the single “Gold”?

We just wanted to create something that we would listen to and that we think Iyves fans and NIMMO fans would enjoy. The aim was to want to dance for sure!

I was interested in your journey of releasing yourselves from the clutches of a famous music label with all its ‘added benefits’ in order to pursue your music career as a sovereign entity, an independent female queer duo. Can you share (if any) the trials and tribulations of this breakup from both this music label as well as the other band members?

It wasn’t a very dramatic story, to be honest, we made moves on our own because it felt right for us!

Any words of wisdom for upcoming female queer artists who may be weighing their options between staying independent or going with a major music label?

Begin your journey on your own and establish yourself before you make moves in to major label territory.

The titles of some of your earlier singles evoke a feeling of authenticity and are filled with highly emotional lyrics. “The Power” and “Dancing Makes Us Brave” come to mind. With growing popularity and fame, there accompanies a sense of responsibility as to the message sent to and received by the listeners. How important is it to NIMMO to be artistically transparent in how truly authentic the message comes across to your fans and communities worldwide?

Of course. It’s the only thing that really matters.

Your first EP that was released at the end of 2018 featured a collaboration with Maya Jane Coles. Did this union influence your debut album “The Power” that was released a few months later in June 2019?

Not directly as we had already written the record – she’s an inspirational person to work with though. So prolific and always pushing herself as an artist which is great energy to be around.


‘Curated By NIMMO’ was the first event in a series of ‘Curated By…’ held in collaboration with House of Vans. Do you have any other proposed collaborations planned in the future?

We do have a couple but they are unannounced 🙂

As exemplary female queer artists, are there any challenges you’ve come across navigating in the music industry?

Just trust your gut. It’s the tool that will never let you down.

Finally, are there any queer female artists that are currently on your playlists?

Yes! Sherelle, Haai, India Jordan, Jaguar!

Have a listen to NIMMO’s remix of IYVES’s track Gold below.

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Interview by Eva Tatangelo


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