Red, Not Burgundy: Urban Pop Culture Meets Goth Club Kid

Red, Not Burgundy, a cheeky nod to the film Kinky Boots, explores the juxtaposition of urban pop culture and goth club kid fashion. Ironically on Marilyn Manson’s birthday; model, actress, burlesque performer and all around wildcard Pheroza rolled out of bed and decided to showcase her often clashing personas (and heroes) Marilyn Manson and Rihanna in a shoot, and invited her friends photographer Timothy Treasure and Guilia Coutts along for the ride.

Camouflage, couture and ethnic opulence mixed with designs by Siren Doll and whatever else Pheroza could salvage from her ever-changing closet, Red, Not Burgundy encapsulates the intersection between two stark differing personalities; the Goth Seductress and Ethnic Princess in what could only be described as: “if Marilyn Manson and Rihanna threw up on me”.



Photographer: Timothy Treasure @timotitreasure

Model/Stylist: Pheroza @badgalcovphephe

Make up: Giulia Coutts @luigidoesmakeup


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