‘Release Me’ Celebrates Punk as a State of Mind

Jordana Halperin is an honours student of RMIT fashion design who focuses on performative body versus performative materials. Through a process driven practice, she explores the human/psychological interface, questioning what fashion is, and whether emotion can be physically embedded into material. Working through themes of identity, rituals and the human experience, garments are used as a form of self-expression. Body augmentation techniques such as tattooing and piercing are applied directly to latex and leather pieces. Other featured materials include PVC, velvet, recycled pantyhose, and corrupt tartans. Jordana’s designs show influence from subcultures and DIY fashion movements, modernizing the inspirations to develop new expressions.

RELEASE ME is a celebration of punk as a state of mind, redefining tradition, and paving passions through this life, and the next.



Designer/creator/stylist: Jordana Halperin @jordanahalperin 

Digital Photographer 1: Storm Moore @oddsockssociety

Digital Photographer 2: Xavier James @oddsockssociety

Film Photographer 1: Renée Leah @reneeleah

Film Photographer 2: @smalllfries

Hair + Makeup Artist: Eevie La Volpe @eevie.la.volpe.hmua 

Garment tattooist: Mossy @mossy_333


Shamita Siva @anfractuous 

Sai @besoin.de.nicotine 

Bella Brown @brbrown_ 

Cosmov @cosmovcosmov 

Eva Akhurst @crazydelicious__ 

Madeline Jade @deathbyteapot

Nicholas @nicholasmate 

Stevzar @stevzar

Callan @17thcenturymaid 


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