Rigel Gemini’s Experimental Vid ‘Planet Yes’ is Wild With Freedom of Expression

We’re going on a voyage, a voyage to PLANET YES! In this futuristic, spacey, dragtastic music video, Rigel Gemini and Atlanta drag queens SZN Alxndr and Molly Rimswell deliver full-on artistry. With 80s club vibes, whimsical visuals, and just enough camp, this music video tells the full story of Rigel Gemini’s experimental queer dance club hit “Planet Yes”. Right in time for Pride month, this non-binary, queer music artist is diving into avant-garde art videos for the first time. In the end, the song and video are about freedom of expression and finding a boundless place of affirmation.

The song itself was produced in collaboration with Jersey club music artist DJ Telly Tellz (of Ciara’s “Level Up”) with a sickening 80s dance beat and club banger moments. Full of skipping vocals, unusual Gaga-esque voiceover, and ecstatic builds, this song is an explosion of joy.

Rigel gemini 'Planet Yes' video still.

“This was one of the fastest songs I put together with DJ Telly Tellz, and also one of my favorites. I was feeling a lot of different emotions at that moment – a sort rebirth into the world as an artist, and I was thinking about the concept of ‘yes’ and freedom versus ‘no’ and limitations. What would a world be where everything is ‘yes’ and we are free to be our authentic selves, no one holds us back, and we can experience freedom and boundlessness. As a non-binary, queer person, we can only imagine this place in our fantasies. That’s the feeling I wanted to get out in this video,” said Rigel Gemini. “Sometimes some of the simplest concepts and simplest songs are the most fun.”

Rigel gemini planet yes

Rigel Gemini’s Journey and the MELT Album

Last year, Rigel Gemini started out with a bang with his first single “I Can’t” produced by Atlanta-based trans music producer, FORD (Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez), which made a splash with one of the first quarantine, #StayHome music videos featuring Alyssa Edwards and Gia Gunn, and other influential faces from the LGBTQ+ and drag communities. And Rigel Gemini was just getting started.

From there, he had a series of splashy moments throughout 2020, including a music video for his song “Gorgeois” with Ocean Kelly and cameos by Plastique Tiara and Heidi N Closet. The year ended with several more music releases including a series of songs produced by platinum Jersey Club producer Dj Telly Tellz (Ciara) such as “Pop It” and “Try Me”, a virtual performance for Atlanta Pride, and a new single with KINBAER called “Coffee In My Cup”. In early 2021, Rigel Gemini released the music video for “Coffee In My Cup” with a guest appearance by the legendary Ts Madison, in a comedic skit about a complicated coffee order and a sickening coffee shop turned nightclub and a host of sickening Atlanta drag queens.

Rigel Gemini created more than a song a month for the last year and celebrating with a flash bang of a major music release with his full album, entitled MELT.


Music Artist – Rigel Gemini – @rigelgemini

Drag – SZN Alxndr – @szn_alxndr

Drag – Molly Rimswell – @mollyrimswell

Cinematography & Editing – Rahjiv Staten – @trinityisleproductions

Creative Direction – Cameron Lee – @cameronleeart

Makeup – Tiana Ariesse – @tianaariesse

Production Assistant – Rachel Holbert – @rachel_holbert

Styling – Rigel Gemini


Artist – Rigel Gemini

Songwriter – Rigel Gemini

Producer – DJ Telly Tellz – @djtellytellz

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