RIVER: Celebrating Gender Fluidity & Personal Growth

‘RIVER’ was born out of an ongoing conversation between visual artist, Andy Paulissen and performance artist, Erin Renee Roberts. The story celebrates the energy and constant flow of ideas about gender, personal growth, and finding empowerment in the fluidity of presentation.

Infused with the culture of the Mississippi River itself, “RIVER” explores the freedom of fashion outside of rigid boundaries and seeks to direct a forward motion of natural expression as an outlet to positive change.

Photographer: Andy Paulissen @andypaulissen
Model: Erin Renee Roberts @reneeerinroberts

Silver Wire Rings – Lawd Gabriel @direktuzkut
Black Nylon Dress – Andy Paulissen
Black and White Canvas Strapless Top – Andy Paulissen
White Leather Shoes- Adidas NEO


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