Rogue Chorus; Vocalising the Dynamics of Identity

The role of the chorus in Ancient Greek theatre often expressed hidden fears or secrets of the characters, and acted to bridge context for the playwright to his audience. The chorus was often informing and reinforcing a scope of morality and boundary, where as the protagonists drew closer to crossing, the drama heightened. 

‘Rogue Chorus’ explores the relationship of the chorus, performer and audience member, with the model playing each role. Often we play the ‘rebel’, ‘moral compass’ and ‘spectator’ in our lives, and in this editorial the photographer Lore wanted to draw on the tension of these roles coexisting and functioning in the same space. The theme was reinforced by choosing an amphitheatre as the location, and introducing the mask as a prop. This series of work explores the different facets of ourselves; the protagonist with hidden fears, the choral member echoing civic standard, and the audience member caught in between.

Photographer: Lore @lore_photography

Model: Shamita Siva @anfractuous

Stylist: Matilda Brown @matildas.aesthetic

Make Up Arist: Nicole Giardossi @nicolegiardossi_makeup


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