Jewellery Label Sacreflux Promo is Redefining Branding Content

Shot for jewellery label Sacreflux, this film aims to represent marginalised people (both models identify as part of the LGBTQI community) and re-define the traditional way branded content is created, by combining a film genre (horror- The Blair Witch Project) with a commercial. The director, Amber Mealing had the following to say about the film: “In approaching this shoot for Sacreflux, we wanted to utilize the VHS aesthetic that’s currently consuming content produced by the fashion world, but actually ground it in a context, to convey a meaning beyond mere aestheticism. By paying homage to The Blair Witch Project we wanted to shed creative light onto commercial content, and blur any conventional boundaries between film, fashion and art.”


Director: Amber Mealing @tainted_amber

Producer: Dunja Vojnovic @dunjavojnovic

Camera: Nico Tavella @_nicotavella

Editor: Sarah Saw @ssawce

Models: Emily @sookyhun & Milo @love.agent

Label: Sacreflux @sacreflux


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