SAGA NYC – ‘Genderless in Wonderland’

Twirling down the rabbit hole, I fell into the fantasy world that was the SAGA NYC ‘Alyx in Wonderland’ reality. In an incredible performance piece for NYFW at The Producer’s Club, SAGA NYC presented a futuristic interpretation of the classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’, where humankind had evolved to the point of gender being irrelevant. ‘Alyx’ was played by both male and female performers, who unite in the final act, when Alyx comes to terms with their gender fluid existence.

SAGA NYC NYFW shot by Lucy Alcorn

In an alternate universe, where humans were a hybrid species of genderless beings, Alyx was able to find his/her true self. By realising the need for the merging of the male and female counterparts, and coming face-to-face with theirself as a reflective gender identity, Alyx was finally able to reach nirvana.

SAGA NYC NYFW shot by Lucy Alcorn

Garments were designed to reflect gender neutrality through their silhouettes and manipulation of textiles. Denim pieces were repurposed into a make-shift jacket, mini shorts and a bralet as a key look, while plastic was warped, twisted and painted on. Recurring detailing included elongated arms and exposed zippers, with crop tops and boob tubes being worn irregardless of physical gender.

If Alyx’s revelation down the rabbit hole is any reflection on the state of humanity, then perhaps the era of enriched enlightenment is not too far off. As gender neutrality is becoming increasingly accepted, freedom of self and integration of the defined so-called ‘male/female’ archetypes is vital for evolution.

However, for those who are lost in Wonderland without any progression in sight, there are still the four magic words – “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”.

Photos by Lucy Alcorn, words by Sara Nicolette.


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