Schawarmi Mami: Promoting Unrepressed Female Power

The visuals for this story were influenced by 90’s female pop-culture icons, who owned their sexuality and identity. Berlin based photographer Aimee Oh describes how “we were inspired by Lil Kim, who through her unapologetic showcasing of her own sexual and cultural identity became symbolic of unrepressed female power. This boldness was not only in her music but in her style and presence. So Diana Maracuja aka Schawarmi Mami became the model and muse to help us illustrate this message. Diana is dressed in Kim-inspired bikinis, fur coats, pop-coloured latex and jewels. A saturated primary colour palette was used to mimic 90’s print.”



Photographer: Amiee Oh  @amieeoh

Model: Diana Maracuja @dianamaracuja

Stylist: Sionan Murtagh @sionanmurtagh

Clothing – Coexist Berlin, Lupae and Ivy Berlin


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