‘Scotty Seed’ Self-Titled Debut Album is an Eclectic Soundscape of Exploration

Scotty Seed is a musician based in the East Village of New York City. He defines himself as a queer musical and fashion chameleon representing the past and future of music. Scotty battles with bipolar disorder and depression, which he uses music to lean on for escapism and enjoyment. He has a lifelong obsession with music, but started taking songwriting and production seriously in his twenties. Genre is just a suggestion for Scotty, the evolution of his sound has been shaped by elements of industrial, pop, grunge, PC music, electronic, and screamo music. He counts artists like Crystal Castles, Marilyn Manson, Hole, David Bowie, Madonna, and Depeche Mode among his inspirations. 

Scotty Seed

The 10 tracks of the album “Scotty Seed” are an eclectic soundscape of electronic music, infused with punk rock and pop. As a whole, it’s a confident, mature debut that will have listeners wondering what’s next. We dissected our four favorite cuts from the debut album titled as “Brando Knows Best”, “Kiss The Ring”, “Trephination”, and “Mess with Me/Hendrix Haze”.

“Brando Knows Best” is an indie-pop ballad that pays homage to movie icon Marlon Brando and old Hollywood. The song features sweet vocal melodies, a killer guitar riff, and ambient drone electronic sounds. Seed depicts a loving relationship between two men with lines such as “I think you look best on me, need you like an accessory”. He glamorizes the idea of being famous with lines like “Maybe he’ll forget me when he’s on the silver screen; Teen dream, riding in the back of limousine”. Scotty also sheds light on the insecurity it can cause dealing with the idea of fame and how it can affect people around you. Altogether, it’s a beautiful love song that changes melodies throughout and keeps the listener on the edge of their seat.

“Kiss the Ring” is more of a PC music-based pop song. He hales with lyrics “Bad boy, you’re favorite tool” and “Back the fuck up, I’m totally doing my thang…Boy you better bow down, and Kiss the Ring”. This song shows off his fun, menacing, and playful nature with a side of sexuality. This song comes off as a diss track but is delivered in a humorous and tasteful nature. This track stands out on the album because it describes a part of Seed’s brand and has a next-level production to match.

“Trephination” is a witch house/pop club banger that reflects on being satisfied with life and wondering about the afterlife. The slamming beat and noise echo vocals lead into a killer intro verse with distorted, and trippy vocal effects to compliment. Scotty goes on to say “In life, we sacrifice, we all want eternal life. Will the memory of me transcend? Where will I go when it all ends?”. He is saying he knows humans make compromises and sacrifices in life to support themselves and their endeavors. But he also goes on to ask, “Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?” This existential song provokes questions we all think about.

Our last favorite of the debut album is “Mess with Me/Hendrix Haze”. This song starts out as mellow but comes to deliver an important message to listeners in a sweet falsetto tone. He talks about an unjust, messy relationship and being played or led on. “Get you naked, make it untrue. Need to give the devil his due” he says along with the ear-catching main verse, “You can’t mess with me, just try”.  Later on in the song, he sheds light on his sexuality with lines such as “Revealed my true colors as a kid… been through the flames and never looked back”. Scotty is saying he knows who he is and is a proud gay man, and that’s why no one can mess with him. He understands what others go through to be themselves, especially as LGBTQIA+. 

The 10 tracks of the album “Scotty Seed” are an eclectic soundscape of electronic music, infused with punk rock and pop. As a whole, it’s a confident, mature debut that will have listeners wondering what’s next. Listen to “Scotty Seed” on Spotify, or follow Scotty on social media.


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