Serpentine; Exposing the Power of a Shared Spirit

‘Serpentine’ is part of an ongoing series by photographer Marc Harris Miller, in which he finds subjects through everyday interactions, and then creates shoots that represent the models’ own styles. The aim is to connect with his subject, using intimate moments to find something subtle waiting to be captured. He strives for rawness and sincerity as he displays the model’s personality, desire, and character. With each photograph, he hopes to reflect an essence of the person and his gaze upon them—to illuminate their shared interpretation of what that means. This particular body of work highlights the relationship between snake and human, the intense connection in both body and mind. In exposing the subject’s own serpentine quality, Marc presents the fantastic power of a shared spirit.



Photographer: Marc Harris Miller @marcharrismiller

Model: Ewok Gia @ewokgia

Stylist: Brian Nuñez @sickxtired


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