Sex Ed A Go Go; No Question Is Too Taboo

Well-rounded sex education is the foundation for a sex positive community. There are millions of people around the world doin’ it everyday, and yet for a lot of people it’s still a taboo subject. Instead of embracing this very natural human thing, it’s discussed in whispered tones at sleepovers while parents are asleep. There’s one woman that won’t keep quiet until everyone is fully informed on the ins and outs of sex. Lola hosts a podcast called Sex Ed A Go-Go (SEAGG) with special guests who get together and talk about all things sex. With audience Q&A included, there is no question too crass and it’s funny to boot; like listening to your own friend giving you sex advice. I can promise that by the end of it, you’ll be able to discuss every topic under the sun without blushing at all. I caught up with Lola to find out a little bit more about how it all started.

Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin
Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin

What was sex education like for you back in high-school?

Sex Ed was still centred around reproduction, but we did learn about various barrier methods and ways to prevent pregnancy and STIs besides abstinence. You could get condoms from the nurse’s office as well as STI and pregnancy testing.

We had a day-care on premises so teen parents didn’t have to worry about childcare while getting their diplomas. I don’t think many schools were like that, we were lucky.

What kind of sex education would you like to see taught in schools?

I would like to see a focus on consent and pleasure based education and I’d like there to be a broader discussion around safety beyond STI prevention.  We could prevent so many visits to the ER if we spoke about what should and shouldn’t go inside of the anus and vagina in an honest way.

Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin
Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin

How did you come up for the idea for SEAGG?

I have always been the ‘sex friend’, the friend who likes to tell their friends about all the sex things. One night at a party after giving a friend sex advice she told me I should be doing that for other people. The seed was planted that night. I had hosted burlesque shows for a while and loved it, so I decided to find a way to combine sex education, burlesque and the awesome folks I know; and from that Sex Ed A Go-Go was born.

In your live Q&A once a month, what’s the most interesting question you’ve been asked?

I do find it interesting that so many people ask about butt stuff. Butt stuff is by far our most popular topic.

When your audiences leaves for the night, or finish a podcast, what do you want them to take away from that?

I want them to walk away having had a good time and hopefully with some new knowledge rolling around in their heads. I want them to feel a bit more open-minded than they did when they first sat down.

Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin
Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin

When you first started, what surprised you the most about how sexuality and kinks are discussed?

I was so surprised by the amount of basic sex questions we’re getting. I used to take for granted all that I’ve learned. Not anymore. So many people don’t know the first thing about their bodies or anyone else’s. It’s scary.

What sort of feedback have you received from both your shows and your podcast?

It’s been overwhelmingly good. So many people have told me that I make them feel safe and that they forget they’re learning because they’re having such a good time. That’s a huge compliment.

Tell me about the workshops you run in Shag Brooklyn.

We’ve had everything from Anal 101 classes to an Astrology and Sex class. We try to do new and fun things while still offering the basics. Our most popular class is our Beginners Shibari class with Valentine Amartey. It’s all hands on and we keep the class size small so students are able to experience a more intimate learning environment.

Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin
Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin

Best sex advice you can give to our readers?

People groan when I say communication is important but it really is. Not just talking, listening as well. Knowing everything about sex doesn’t make you a great lover, but being open to learning everything about sex with your partner / lover / fling / FWB does. The only way you can do that is by communicating.

Best place to get in contact with you?

Twitter: @DirtyLola

Instagram: @dirtylola



Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin
Sex Ed A Go Go Lola shot by Erika Kapin

Written by Erin Russell.


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