‘Shades of Masculinity’ Explores the Gender-Fluid Nature of Makeup

‘Shades of Masculinity’ explores the idea that makeup is an art form that should be shared with everyone, no matter what a person’s gender, sexuality or ethnicity is. Makeup shouldn’t be labeled just for a singular type of person or conformed to limitations.

“Makeup is an art that is inclusive and I want to share that to anyone that wants to express themselves without the fear of what society expects and to dive in fearlessly.” – Nica Tan, creative director, who chose to use brands such as Claropsyche and Suva Beauty were used for the colored liners and shadows.

shades of masculinity subvrt
gender fluid makeup
Shades of masculinity subvrt
Make up subvrt
gender fluid makeup subvrt
Masculinity subvrt
gender fluid makeup subvrt
masculinity gender fluid makeup


Creative Director/Make Up: Nica Tan @pastelvogue

Photographers: Emily Eizen @emilyeizen and Cristine Armosilla @visiblevibez_


Micah Gabriel @micah

Ian Whalley @iantwhalley

Diallo Mitch @__mystylist

Caleb St. Julian @caleb_saintj

Tyshawn Myers @tyshhawn

Justin Knight @justinsknight


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