Subvrt Mag Issue 2: Identity


Subvrt Mag Issue 2: The Identity Issue. Our 2nd print issue features a range of incredible artists, activists and performers.

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Subvrt Mag Issue 2: The Identity Issue. 


  • An interview & photoshoot with Alok-Vaid Menon, gender non-conforming artist, writer, performer and educator.
  • Editorial with surrealist artist Ellen Sheidlin
  • Interview and photoshoot with Frances Cannon, Australian artist and founder of the ‘Self-Love Club’ movement.
  • Photoshoot with Lara, Mara and Sheila – the beautiful Brazilian albino twins and their older sister.
  • ‘Inorganic Matter’, an editorial shot in Berlin exploring a range of binary opposites.
  • ‘5 Senses of Fetish’ – shot by Mateus Porto in New York featuring Misc_allaneousdomtop
  • ‘A Letter to Self’ by Marti, Amerykahsmisfit
  • Mexican American artist Cristina Bartley features in ‘The Masks We Wear’
  • ‘Fatal Syntax Error’ – an editorial exploring the blurred lines between online identity and IRL.
  • Much, much more!

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