Siena Liggins’ “Flowerbomb” is the Summer Anthem for Queer Girls

Poppy and upbeat, Detroit based singer/songwriter Siena Liggins‘ summer single “Flowerbomb” is an ode to women-loving-women everywhere.  With lyrics akin to Jeremih, Liggins’ track has a post-Diplo kind of vibe, almost with a retro feel. With this track, Liggins’ envelops the feelings and sensations that come with being with someone you’ve waited a long time for. The girl you never thought you’d meet, let alone have an intimate relationship with. This racy summer track perfectly describes everything you’ve been waiting for and is a much-needed anthem for queer women worldwide.

What’s the inspiration behind “Flowerbomb”? This seems like a pretty personal track.

Yea, I tend to get really personal with my writing. I like to steal tidbits from real life and actually name them or call them out in my songs. Flowerbomb is literally the fragrance worn by a girl I shouldn’t have been sleeping with, but I totally was.

Siena Liggins

How did you get involved with music and singing/songwriting in general?

I’ve always been a writer, but I got into music after my uncle let me write a rap and record it in my grandma’s basement. After that, I’ve never taken a break from songwriting.

Siena Liggins

Tell us about Detroit’s indie music scene. 

Detroit is a hustler’s city. Everyone has so much pride and determination. The independent music scene in Detroit is unlike any other.

Siena Liggins

As a queer artist, are there any challenges that you face in a vastly heteronormative industry?

I think I face challenges so long as any other queer individual –artist or not– is facing challenges in everyday life. Someone literally told me today that releasing this song, as an out and proud lesbian is a testament to how I’ve never been afraid to take risks. And I said, imagine that …you think it’s a risk for me to be myself.

Siena Liggins

Who are some of your favorite fellow queer artists?

Flint Eastwood. Tunde Olaniran. Currently obsessed with King Princess. Sza.

Siena Liggins

What’s something that most people don’t know about you? 

People think I’m tall, but I’m not tall. It’s the hair.

Interview by Rye O’Brien.


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