The Siren Saints Highlights a Modern Feminism

These goddesses are dreamy, untouchable, and glowing in these moments by the water. This shoot was influenced by saints and goddesses highlighting a spiritual sacred moment. My influences for this concept was referencing imagery of Caridad del Cobre (Lady of Charity), Virgen De Regla, Oshun, and Yemaya. All an ode to celebrating feminine energies, and allowing them to celebrate their bodies in these beautiful harness designs. A transcending moment to highlight a modern feminism. In early religious history, saints are draped with large garments and there was no hint of seeing any skin other than the hands and face. Women have evolved to be liberated in showing their bodies more and more. Less is more, and in this shoot it was to be sexy, free and confident as they wear beautiful harnesses made by Lovelorn Lingerie! – Damarys, photographer.



Designer & Jewelry: Lovelorn Lingerie @lovelornlingerie

Photographer: Damarys @daexpose

Models: Rhodanthe, Ewok Gia @ewokgia

Makeup: Nina Carelli @nacmakeup


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