SixtySeven: An Optical Tension in Fetish Culture

This series of photographs was realised by two female artists, photographer Amiee Oh and designer Lui Trash. Having successfully drawn on mutual empowerment in their creative process in the past, the two artists collaborated for a fourth time.

The pieces feature a lot of PVC and metal work. In an interplay with the environment’s bright colours, neon lights and rich contrasts, as well as the model’s colourful tattoos, the pieces come to life. Translucent and opaque elements featured in this collection make the looks overall more dynamic as the materials work with light differently, either capturing or reflecting it.

At the same time the colours of the chosen pieces come out as almost subdued in comparison to the versicoloured background. This creates an optical tension: the pieces give off a serene, understated feeling, despite their rootedness in fetish culture. Yet, ultimately they break through the scenery, making themselves seen as a strong visual statement.



Photographer: Amiee O’Mahony  @amieeoh

Designer/Stylist: Lui Trash  @lui.trash 

Model: Mareike Lerch @internetxdoll 

Makeup Artist: Roberta Deflorio @_roberta_deflorio_ 


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