“Spend the Love” with Mystical Icelandic Electro-Pop Band Vök

Hailing from magical Reykjavik, Iceland, indie-electro band Vök is soothing our souls with addictive synth sounds. Coming together after winning a Battle of The Bands competition in Iceland, the band uses their platform to speak out on a range of modern issues. Their latest track “Spend the Love” explores using love as a currency, and we are hooked!

Vök is a very interesting name, and yet it’s been said that it has no direct translation to English. How would you best describe it?

The direct translation for Vök would be “a hole in the ice”, but the word actually has a lot of meanings. It can also mean a hole in clouds where light gets through. So there’s a duality in it. As an adjective, it can also mean being “woke”. We could go on and on.

How did Vök come to be?

Vök was formed as a duo to compete in a “battle of the bands” competition in Iceland called “Músiktilraunir” or “Music Experiments” in 2013. Vök surprisingly ended up winning the competition. It’s been a tumbling snowball since then.

Your latest single “Spend The Love” is a summery electronic jam that explores the concept of using love as a currency to buy happiness. How do you think love could be used as a currency to change the world?

Love is a currency when you think about it. We communicate with emotions a lot like we communicate with monetary instruments. We give and receive. You hate someone and that hatred will often be reciprocated. You give someone love and you hope to receive love back. Love is a strong currency and should be used a lot more. Maybe then things would be a little bit less fucked up…


What are your thoughts on artists using their platform to promote awareness and change?

I believe art & politics to be interlinked to a great extent. I admire artists that use their creativity in an effort to do good in the world and cause change. When you have a voice you should use it!

Can you share with us some issues that are very important to Vök?

LGBT issues are very important to us. Human Rights. Gender Equality.

“Night and Day” is a funky track that embodies a new-wave retro vibe. Would you say that your sound is inspired by any past genres/eras?

We take a lot of 80’s and 90’s inspiration to our music-making and sometimes even some early 2000’s R&B vibes. The 80’s produced some of the greatest and some of the worst sounds of music history. It was a very interesting time for music making and in particular for pop music. The shift that happen from the 70’s over to 80’s is unbelievable. So yes we do love 80’s analog synths and incorporate that in our songs a lot. But we like to mix it up. There’s a lot of combining contemporary sounds with more “traditional” ones. We do whatever feels good and feels appropriate for the song at that particular time.

Do you have any interest in producing songs in Icelandic, or a combination of both English & Icelandic?

Yes, we have actually spoken a lot about writing more in Icelandic, it could be fun… there is something charming about writing lyrics in English though. There’s a different approach to writing in another language that is not your mother-tongue. You can analyze themes from more of a distance. It can be quite liberating.

Any plans for an upcoming EP?

We are releasing our second LP early next year!

Check out Vök on Spotify and Instagram.


Interview by Sara Nicolette.

Images by Sigga Ella.


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