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Subvrt Design Competition Flyer

Subvrt is officially launching our very first graphic design competition. We are in search of new designs for our next merch collection and we want it to come from our community. The merch you will be designing will be for T-shirts, hoodies, and any future branded product.

How to Win the $300 Grand Prize Plus More!

Though there is no specific theme, however, we would like you to interpret the essence of Subvrt into your design. How would Subvrt look to you if it was translated into visuals? This could mean that you interpret one aspect of what we stand for, whether it’s queer/LGBTQIA+ rights, POC, intersectional feminism, disability visibility, and so on, or you may have another angle you want to take. The ball is in your court.

Winners will receive a $300 Grand Prize and much, much more!

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