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We, Fortified Provides an Insight into Queer Support Networks

“‘We, Fortified’ stands as testimony to both queer subjectivity, and to the spaces that queer people create to harness and refine their creative energy. ‘We, Fortified’ proposes an insight into queer support networks, and focuses on the power, influence and ability that we have when nurtured by our queerness. We are exclusively inclusive of others […]

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Meet TwoLips: the Radical Visionary Leading a New Wave of Activists

Multi-talented and multi-passionate, singer-songwriter Kianah AKA TwoLips’ electro-funk meets R&B addictive beats are circulating through our playlist. Releasing her EP Yellow Gold almost a year ago she has since been frequenting a collective of live music events, most recently performing at Echo Park Rising and soon will be hitting the stage at all-female event Mothership. A […]

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