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CATNIP: Genetic Modification & Queer Berlin

In the distant future, the cosmetic industry holds authority and a new dominant species prowl the earth. Xeno-Felines were born when designer genetic modification evolved to become a genetic mutation. CATNIP was conceived when drag artist Purrja and photographer Hue Hale met after both immigrating from Ireland to Germany. Through feeling accepted in their new surroundings, […]

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Non-Binary Upcycled Fashion in ‘Earthly Identities’

In her collection, Melisa Minca takes upcycled clothing to transform bodies and make bold statements about our desires through non-binary fashion. These characteristics find their origin in the Garden of Eden where the binary roles for sex, gender and power became defined. Here, in this series, the Garden of Eden has been rediscovered and in […]

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Spells and Confessions of a Perfume Witch

When you hear the term “witch”, either one of three images appear in your mind: a hunched silhouette stooped over a brew of potions and herbs, a gypsy adorned with a headscarf and hoop earrings gazing mystically into her crystal ball, or, perhaps, it’s the occult fashion of the goth girls from “The Craft”. Self-proclaimed […]

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