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Dorian Electra’s “Guyliner” is the Gender-Bending Myspace-era Video of Our Dreams

Today, gender fluid popstar Dorian Electra (they/them/theirs) shared a music video for their glam-worthy track “Guyliner”. Directed by Dorian Electra and their long time creative partner Weston Allen, the video sees Dorian take on the ideals of masculinity by shaping and breaking stereotypes. The visuals and outfits in the video were styled by Dorian, with choice looks influenced […]

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Challenging Gender Norms with Dorian Electra

Flipping the patriarchy and gender ‘norms’ on their backside, non-binary (check out this sexuality guide for more info on non-binary definitions) artist Dorian Electra is (literally) shattering the glass ceiling, and bottles, onto their head. Known for their iconic boundary-pushing tracks that make you question everything that society once programmed you to know, Dorian’s latest video “Man to Man” […]

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