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International Women’s Day: 4 Women Who Inspire Us

In the spirit of International Women’s Day worldwide we are featuring a range of inspiring women who are breaking boundaries, living their truths and redefining what it means to be a woman in this modern day and age. We asked each woman to provide a self-portrait of how they see themselves, in whatever medium they […]

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Annie Lennox, The Circle & Apple Music: Global International Women’s Day Initiative

LONDON, UK (March 7th, 2019): As the women’s rights movement pushes forward, internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, performer and Human Rights activist Annie Lennox and the NGO she founded, The Circle, have partnered with Apple Music for a Global International Women’s Day initiative launched today.  Together with Sammy Andrews and her team at Deviate Digital, they have created a […]

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The Siren Saints Highlights a Modern Feminism

These goddesses are dreamy, untouchable, and glowing in these moments by the water. This shoot was influenced by saints and goddesses highlighting a spiritual sacred moment. My influences for this concept was referencing imagery of Caridad del Cobre (Lady of Charity), Virgen De Regla, Oshun, and Yemaya. All an ode to celebrating feminine energies, and […]

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