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Gender Neutral & Organic: Beauty Brands of the Future

In a time when being gender-neutral or genderfluid can be part of one’s identity, beauty brands must reflect the needs and wants of society. Now, with the convenience of online shopping, more brands are having their chance to shine. For decades, The Pink Tax was a normalized part of marketing beauty products, but the demand […]

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Drag King is Fashion: Deconstructing Masculinity

“Drag king is Fashion” is an editorial that explores the concept of a drag king using gender-free clothing from the brand Trashyqueen.  The project speaks about playing with the gender and subverting it through the use of non-binary fashion, exploring role switching and the deconstruction of masculinity that characterizes the drag king practice.  “I believe […]

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Sovereign Collection: Gender Free, Unisex Footwear

Gender free Australian based footwear brand Sovereign Collection is born of non-conformity, individuality and purpose, rather than the self-conscious, consumerist tendencies that have been somewhat stitched into the mainstream fashion industry. Sovereign Collection lives to rattle the cage and bring style autonomy to the fore. “My central motivation is to highlight the sense of freedom […]

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