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ByMelianJ: ‘INDIVIDUALITY’ Upcycling Denim Collab Celebrating Fearlessness

Melian and Kalyn are two LA-based multifaceted artists who collaborated on a reconstructed denim collection titled ‘Individuality’, under the umbrella of Melian’s current bespoke fashion label ByMelianJ. Both artists take pride in drifting between multiple fashion platforms from styling to modeling and even live performative art as well. Join me in conversation with Melian and […]

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Vinny Ohh is Challenging Gender Roles

Vinny Ohh is an enigma; a beautifully sculpted exterior that houses an unexpectedly delicate, almost angelic creature. Vinny is kind, gracious and unapologetically aware of who they are. Making waves in the mainstream media due to their marking as being a so-called self-defined alien, Vinny Ohh is defying all pre-existing definitions of gender, working to […]

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