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Utopia Erotica by Weston Allen: An Exploration of Sexuality

The latest track by Weston Allen, “Utopia Erotica”, is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of past, present, and future sexuality. A college fight song for a faceless, genderless student body to sing their alma mater’s kinks and quirks. An anthem to let your checkered freak flag fly. The video is self-directed by Allen who also starred, edited, […]

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L’un et L’autre (The One & The Other): A Search For Identity

“L’un et L’autre” (The One & The Other) takes us on a wondrous journey of self-exploration. Sailing deep into forgotten emotions, in search for identity.  A collaboration project between Diana Law Printed Accessories and h7o7Films, the film examines one’s true self against public opinion and the pressure to conform to society’s rigid guidelines of gender […]

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War Cry: A Declaration Against Our Inner Demons

‘War Cry’ is an editorial/film that designer Alabama Blonde conceived & executed with “some really beautiful creatives who all had something to scream about because of the on-going and personal battles they face due to their queer identities, being people of colour, being creatives and the pursuit of a creative life – against all odds […]

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