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Why Mental Health Should Be Taught In Schools

Acknowledging and addressing mental health issues in school is vital, as 1 in 5 children or youth have been diagnosed as having an emotional, behavioural or mental health disorder, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Writer Darren Bridges explores exactly why mental health resources should be available in all schools across the United […]

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The Way Social Media Makes Me Feel

‘The Way Social Media Make Me Feel’ explores dark matters in bright depictions. Poor mental health doesn’t only come in forms of wearing all black and sad faces.  For social media in particular, we tend to put on a happy face and only show our best self to the world constantly portraying happiness and wealth with […]

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Meet Milan Ring: Ascending Future-Soul Songstress

Merging melancholy moodiness with upbeat tones, Sydney-based musician Milan Ring is haunting us with her ethereal sounds that transcend the present reality. Her tracks are laced with layers of meaning from the neo-soul ‘Obscured’, which delves into the concept of heritage displacement from her father’s point of view, to her latest track ‘Drifting’, a smooth […]

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