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Return to Me: An Ode to Gender Non-Conforming Musicians

“Return to Me” is a call back to the 1920s jazz styling, and a time when segregated gender, race, and sexuality were prominent.  Upon beginning this project, photographer Laura Du Vé discussed with Kaiit, a musician and artist from Naarm Melbourne in so-called Australia what she might be interested in creating. Kaiit uses she/he/they pronouns. “The […]

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Meet Milan Ring: Ascending Future-Soul Songstress

Merging melancholy moodiness with upbeat tones, Sydney-based musician Milan Ring is haunting us with her ethereal sounds that transcend the present reality. Her tracks are laced with layers of meaning from the neo-soul ‘Obscured’, which delves into the concept of heritage displacement from her father’s point of view, to her latest track ‘Drifting’, a smooth […]

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