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Nawal Sari: Redefining Hijabi Fashion

In today’s society the thought of a hijab often equates to repression and timidness, and soft, simple clothing. Instagram angel Nawal Sari is actively showcasing the changing fashion in hijabi culture, perfecting modern fashion looks while proudly following her faith. With her large Instagram following, her influential style is paving the way for young girls of the […]

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International Women’s Day: Four Women Who Inspire Us

In the spirit of International Women’s Day worldwide we are featuring a range of inspiring women who are breaking boundaries, living their truths and redefining what it means to be a woman in this modern day and age. We asked each woman to provide a self-portrait of how they see themselves, in whatever medium they […]

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Ethnically Ambiguous: Raw, Engaging and Extremely Necessary

We recently caught up with Anna Hossnieh and Shereen Younes, the powerful creative forces behind the podcast Ethnically Ambiguous. Ethnically Ambiguous gives an impactful insight into the treatment of women of color and offers a nuanced perspective on the Middle Eastern world. Anna and Shereen are easy to listen to, funny, and express their opinions […]

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