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Gender Diversion & Queer Bodies in ‘Darkness of the Fantasies’

‘Darkness of the Fantasies’ was created and conceptualized in collaboration with Latinx nonbinary queer designer Mateo Suarez, who focuses primarily on queer/trans/POC bodies. Evoking heaven on earth and inspired by dark fantasy manga, Final Fantasy, and early 2000s internet, the editorial explores themes of subversion and genderfuck through the depiction of the fantasies, wearing garments […]

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Step Into Gogo Graham Office Fantasy: NYFW SS20

We sat down with Gogo Graham to learn about her SS20 collection and short film, in which she sonically and visually interrogates what it means for trans folks, particularly trans femmes, to operate in traditional workplaces. ‘Cleo is a myth. Cleo is a woman’ Gogo Graham’s SS20 film, ‘Cleo’s Fable’ begins with these words, solidifying […]

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