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10 Books By Trans Authors That Will Change Your Life

Trans authors need to be celebrated. In the current sociopolitical climate, the global public hears a lot about transgender people without hearing anything directly from us. We, the transgender community, are a class of people historically both vilified and ignored; hyper-visible in terms of societal derision and exposure to violence, and yet invisible in mainstream […]

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Genderqueer and Transgender Power Explored in ‘Tender Resistance’

In ‘Tender Resistance’ photographer Anthon Zeiss Smith explores the definitions of transgender and genderqueer outside of the context of binary social structures, and how different levels of power exist within these realms. “These collaborations are part of my ongoing exploration of the power of vulnerability, tenderness, and emotionality, and the ways that transgender and genderqueer people […]

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Step Into Gogo Graham Office Fantasy: NYFW SS20

We sat down with Gogo Graham to learn about her SS20 collection and short film, in which she sonically and visually interrogates what it means for trans folks, particularly trans femmes, to operate in traditional workplaces. ‘Cleo is a myth. Cleo is a woman’ Gogo Graham’s SS20 film, ‘Cleo’s Fable’ begins with these words, solidifying […]

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Gogo Graham FW 19: a Homage to Trans Womanhood

On a bright day in the Sky Room at the New Museum, Gogo Graham’s 19 models giggled in the back room, taking photos of each other, complimenting their respective looks, and joking about their “deceased husbands”. The intimate space with floor-to-ceiling windows created a very unique runway space, and underneath the banter was a profound […]

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