The Kids Are Alright

“The kids want to be so hard. 

But in my dreams we’re still screaming, 

and running through the yard.”

Artists’ Statement: 

With the consistent inundation from older generations and the media about the indolent capacities of millennial’s, I feel persistently inspired to document an ulterior & more optimistic perspective. The way I see us. 

Collaborating with Psyfunkle only further fulfilled that stimulation.
Two badass babes creating wild & provocative garments, with the highest standard of practice and ethics, making them immeasurably distinctive as artists while still in their late teens/early twenties. 

Every person involved in this shoot is a powerhouse in their own right.
Young people are so compelling, in the innocence that makes them intuitive, the imagination that allows them insight, the ingenuity that sees beyond the interior. 

These photographs are a result of our competency in a ride of spontaneity, 

12 country kids hopping in a couple of cars and making shit happen.  

Designers’ Statement: 

Named after the tube that connects all the chambers in a spiral shell (siphuncle), Psyfunkle is a clothing brand aimed to connect a person to themselves and beyond. Bold authenticity is liberating. Our clothing is intended to help you embody your individuality, explorations and heart. The clothing is handmade in our studio, designed and constructed with care and love. Each item is one-of-a-kind and has a story behind its creation. We are excited for the pieces to form new meaning and stories. We recognise the value of clothing in nurturing and protecting our bodies whilst empowering us with a choice of skin. Psyfunkle is for all shapes, sizes, imaginations and moods. Clothing style is not restricted to any one genre, but rather as limitless, diverse, strange and beautiful as the people who wear them. kidskidskidskidskidskidskidskidskidskidskidskids


Photography: Isaebella Doherty @isaebella

Styling: Ellajaz Toll-Bujeya @ellajaz_ & Lily Fraser @lily.rfraser

MUA: Pearl Doherty @clam.dirt


Ethan Kemp @khaoskemp

Eugene @juicyeuge

Indigo Raja @uti.ndigo

Jet Mules @ph0ne_b0i_

Lakeri Teziggwa @G0ld1elock

Lily Fraser @lily.rfraser

Pearl Doherty @clam.dirt

Vincent Sharkey

Apparel: Psyfunkle @psyfunkle

Jewellery: Sacre Flux @sacreflux &

Twofold @twofoldshop

Location: Yalka/Campaspe River.


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