The Rose Goddess Celebrates Curves and Femininity

“‘The Rose Goddess’ is a celebratory collaboration between curve gal P.S.Kaguya, Daexpose and Valentineamartey, demonstrating a natural femme form covered in a delicacy of roses, tulle and rope. Photographer Damarys Alvarez outlines how “we wanted to lavishly reveal her figure in a lusty, sexy form, as we all teamed together in highlighting a model who is confident, and can be craved by the lens of the camera. I thought of styling model P.S.Kaguya in the form of a queen, revealing her full figure in a graceful manner with the backdrop of a curtain. Mainstream media today highlights size 2 models in the majority of magazines, giving less of a platform to anyone who falls outside of that category. We all agreed to celebrate this rich natural beauty in the color red, in the form she felt happiest in. More images in the media need to highlight the femmes who lie outside the size 2 scale, and showcase female figures of all shapes and tones. I feel it’s important to display women as saints, goddesses and queens because it can reshape what is perceived as beauty within the media. Beauty is not just European standards, nor malnourished skinny gals. In order to RESTRUCTURE the idea of beauty in this new generation there must be more beauties of all shapes and tones entering the platform of global media. All photographs were shot with medium format film.”

Goddess GoddessGoddess GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddessGoddessGoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess


Model: Kaguya @p.s.kaguya

Rope designs: Valentine Amartey @Valentineamartey

Photography: Damarys Alvarez @daexpose

Makeup: Allison Brooke @allisonbrookeowens_

Light Assistant: Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera @letalexis


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