MBFWA Day 6: The Innovators FDS

The Innovators: Fashion Design Studio displayed the works of select graduate students from one of Australia’s leading fashion colleges, a show that definitely gave us a reason to have confidence in the future of the Australian fashion industry. Check out our top 3 designers from the show;


When the first model came out gasps in the audience resonated around the room, this dramatic piece was incredible – a full length sheer netted dress with chaotic overlapping hand stitched black wool engulfing one side of the garment, making it seem to come to life. The remaining pieces were equally as intricate – our other favourite being a three-tone pink coat with the same interweaving wool stitching.

Ipsen - The Innovators


Mandem’s edgy Utopian streetwear was the apocalytpic survival gear that we were sure we needed, and had to have. Oversized black pieces, hieroglyphic prints, cocoon jackets and structured perspex backpacks created an industrial neo goth vibe that was reminiscent of a Berlin warehouse rave. This was contrasted with lighter, crisp white pieces that seemed to have an alternative country club feel to them, leaving us to wonder – who will survive when the apocalypse comes?

Mandem -The Innovators


It was the show that sent shock waves throughout the fashion industry – every item was a visual masterpiece, with black velvet, perspex and spikes dominating the show in a politically fueled gothic collection titled ‘Migrate Through My Veins’, that reflected on issues of refugees and migrants.

Kakopieros - The Innovators

Words by Sara Nicolette, photos by Jesse Mullins.


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