This Is Home: Dallas Woods Reconnects with His Roots

Red Bull yesterday revealed the first episode of three-part documentary series This Is Home, featuring Wyndham-raised rapper and mentor, Dallas Woods. An up-close look at the meaning of home for Australian artists, This Is Home journeys with musicians as they revisit the integral people and places that have shaped their lives and careers to date.

Late last year Dallas Woods returned home to Wyndham, the Northernmost town in the WA’s Kimberley region, to visit the town and people that shaped his life growing up. With a population of less than 1000, temperatures that climb to the high 30’s, and an unique history of its own, Wyndham is rugged place.

Talking on his connection to country, Dallas’s This Is Home takes viewers to the picturesque places on the region’s map – Five Rivers Lookout, The Grotto, The Salt Flats – and also through the town itself as he relives memories of his childhood. Meeting up with old friends, mentors and respected community members, Dallas reflects on the change in himself and his surroundings as he goes.

This Is Home is interspersed with snippets from Woods’ recent Red Bull 64 Bars episode – a studio rap, and now single called “Chapter One”, originally crafted to link the two video pieces. The track is a whip-smart display of lyricism that powerfully paints the lifestyle Woods was immersed in as an indigenous child growing up in the East Kimberley.

“My trip back home was medicine. After such a crazy year, to go back to where it all started was magic… With the help of Red Bull and my team we managed to create a body of work that showcases my connection to home and everyone that guided the way”  – Dallas Woods


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