Through Eden: A Place for Body Love & Self-Acceptance

I once heard of a place called Eden.

A dreamland,


I often wonder what it looks like

Because the pressure to be perfect is crushing

It weighs on our chests and slivers into our lungs

Like concrete, it settles there

That pressure that we put on ourselves

That pressure that we put on others

To be pretty





Humans are full of flaws, that should be embraced

They are what sets us apart

Embrace every freckle,

Every stretch mark,

Every out of place hair,

The rolls of your tummy,

The extra chub on your arms,

The chipped front tooth,

The one eyebrow that won’t cooperate.

I think these things to myself and wonder if I’ll ever find Eden

If I’ll ever find peace

And I think that as I shout to you

And shake the dust off your chest

Because I want so badly for you to find Eden too

So accept your imperfections

Those quirks

The things that make you unique, special, whole

That make you, you

I hope one day, you learn to love every inch of yourself

So that you might get to know what it feels like

To walk through Eden

And maybe, just maybe

We walk through it together.



Kasondra Williams @redeyedsouljah

Bridget Conlogue @opalkittyphotography

Maribel Tavares @bellzerbob

Marianna Gizzarelli @persephonic.witch

Photographer: Emma Parla-Aziz @skyclad_creations


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