This Fashion Editorial Explores Transgender Identities in Contemporary India

The Innate Tendencies is a fashion editorial based upon the unique relationship between the body and the clothing; the non-binary gender identity merges two into one, rather than detaches the clothing from the body. To be transgender, or to resonate with a set of transgender identities, can indicate an overlapping set of meanings that embodies the physiology of gender fluidity in the seamless body. It does not trigger confusion for ambiguity but rather celebrates a rare beauty that transgresses the limitations of binary gender norms.

Non binary gender identities explored in this editorial.

The Innate Tendencies was inspired by the experiences of the Kolkata Rista community members, and through the 2017 novel, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy, in which future possibilities for transgender identities in contemporary India are considered.

Transgender identities are explored in this fashion editorial.

Achieving equal rights for transgender and non-binary people around the world is an ongoing battle, with the United States Supreme Court reviving the transgender military ban in 2019, while in India the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) bill was signed in 2019. This bill was criticized by transgender activist Grace Banu as being a “murder of gender justice”, due to the requirement of an identity registration with the government required to be recognized as being transgender under the law.

Through our voices, our art and our solidarity, we will continue to uplift non-binary and transgender identities, promote awareness and encourage change.

Marius Janusauskas is a published author and an academic who is pursuing his PhD in Gender and Diversity Studies from Ghent University with many years of professional experience in the fashion industry.

Genderqueer identity in fashion shoot.
Possibilities for transgender identities are explored.
Trans identities are presented in this fashion editorial.
Non binary and transgender identities.
An exploration of gender and sexuality in India.
An exploration of transgender identities in india.
Fashion editorial for LGBTQ+ community.
Non binary identities are explored.


Concept and Art Direction: Marius Janusauskas @mariusjanusauskas

Photographer: Anai Bharucha @anaibharucha

Model: Nitin Baranwal @nitinbaranwal 


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