TwoLips “Slow Sex” is a Playful Reclamation of Female Pleasure

LA-based musical artist, TwoLips, is premiering as an independent artist with a brand new song and music video to match. “Slow Sex” marks TwoLips’ transformation from a collaborative band to a solo act. “Slow Sex” is a playful reclamation of female pleasure, and the video is not shy of straying from this point. With an all female cast and production crew, Twolips leads the way for women daring to stray from the norm. The video highlights their versatility and unified strength. Shot in a friends backyard, it dives you right into LA’s young, unapologetic and cutting edge female culture. 

Hailing from New Mexico, TwoLips is outspokenly herself. Born half Native American and half black, she has never been shy from understanding the importance her own representation as well as the representation of all the diverse thinkers and creators around her. She naturally falls into a leadership role with her commanding presence and attentive energy. TwoLips can be spotted in recent G-Eazy and Logic music videos, as well as playing shows throughout Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin and Poland areas. She most recently performed at an all women’s festival in LA, Mothership. To learn even more about TwoLips, check out this recent article by us!.


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