Utopia Erotica by Weston Allen: An Exploration of Sexuality

The latest track by Weston Allen, “Utopia Erotica”, is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of past, present, and future sexuality. A college fight song for a faceless, genderless student body to sing their alma mater’s kinks and quirks. An anthem to let your checkered freak flag fly. The video is self-directed by Allen who also starred, edited, styled, and created the miniatures. The song was produced by Joel Martin of yGody for Allen’s debut 2017 EP “The Gloves Come Off” and features Zak Pischnotte on saxophone, flute, and a saxobone (saxophone/trombone hybrid).

Weston Allen

Weston Allen (pronouns: he/him/his) is a Los Angeles based director, editor, and musician who has worked with Pussy Riot, Banoffee, Mood Killer, Cowgirl Clue, Ceci G, and more. He is also the longtime collaborator of Dorian Electra, co-directing and editing their music videos.

Weston Allen

Weston on “Utopia Erotica”:

“I wrote Utopia Erotica as kind of this tongue in cheek romp through American sex culture, however kinky or vanilla. I mostly focused on my environment growing up in the midwest from the perspective of like if Weird Al was a sexologist or something. The repeating chants and brass fanfare kind of make Utopia Erotica into a fight song of sorts; lots of chest-puffing and empty flag-waving.  
For the video, similarly to my live show, I wanted to create this disorienting experience where tons of these faceless, genderless checkered people perform as one. I love checkers because they are this very universal, very historically reused pattern that somehow simultaneously jumps out at you but is also so often in the background dressing.


Director: Weston Allen

Production: Dorian Electra, Mood Killer, & Sarah Weis

Cinematographer: Greg Stephen Reigh & Lance Williams

Checkered Set Design: Chris Tuttle

Makeup: Justina Kairyte

Hair: Kylie Jo

Edited: Weston Allen

Models & Props: Weston Allen

Set Photography: Steve Matiasek & Deonte Lee

Production Assistant: Jimi Paszkiewicz

Special Thanks to Molly Hewitt

Filming Location: 1902 Studios & Vocal Warehouse

Also Starring: Anabelle Maginnis Andy Milad Benji Morino David Watson Eric Cross Isabelle Myers Jake Voghs Joel Newman Justina Kairyte Kendelle Morrison Lynn Hong Michael Zarowny Nat Souza Paul Keel Rebeka Pierce Robert Woods Sky Cubacub Weston Allen

Song Credits: Song Produced by Joel Martin & Weston Allen Saxophone / Flute / Saxobone by Zak Pischnotte

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