Video Doll; Transforming an Online Presence into a Dystopian Reality

Styling and direction project Rose Pure focuses on a “strong preference to cast people off the internet and street, and enjoy the process of interpreting their online presence and personal aesthetic into a shoot with a strong stylised, cinematic theme. My intent and vision is to support the progression of an inclusive and ethical fashion industry. Supportive of local creative platforms, collaborations and the slow fashion movement, as well as pushing away from the commercialised and unattainable ideals of beauty. I look for people with a strong sense of self who stick out/have large dreams in a small city such as Brisbane.

The inspiration for ‘Video Doll’ drew directly from Millie’s Instagram handle and personal style, which I wanted to interpret into a darker setting. I developed this idea by drawing from cinematic aesthetics such as the lighting/setting/styling from films such as Blade Runner and the Matrix. The idea of a dystopian future and mysterious darkness is also heavily influenced by Brisbane’s eeriness and neon lights – the shoot was set on a empty rooftop on a rainy/overcast night, which is translated through the images.” – Katherine Rose



Model: Millie Ng @videodoll

Photography/Styling/MU: Katherine Rose @rosepure

Assistance: Felix Webb


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