Vinny Ohh is Challenging Gender Roles

Vinny Ohh is an enigma; a beautifully sculpted exterior that houses an unexpectedly delicate, almost angelic creature. Vinny is kind, gracious and unapologetically aware of who they are. Making waves in the mainstream media due to their marking as being a so-called self-defined alien, Vinny Ohh is defying all pre-existing definitions of gender, working to create a new understanding of self, and a revived category of de-gendered humans. Despite the fact that they exist in a harsh world that judges anything that it does not comprehend, Vinny remains true to themselves.

We caught up with Vinny to discuss their aesthetic, personal journey and thoughts on gender.

vinny ohh

How would you describe your aesthetic?

My aesthetic is like hot black tar with a lil glitter in the mix. You don’t want to go near it but it’s oddly and distastefully distracting. Kill me now.

What inspired you to become a ‘genderless alien’?

Nothing inspired me to become anything I am. I have always been different so people label me as an alien and/or freak, so I let them. It’s a transition for everyone.

When did you start to feel like you weren’t comfortable in your own skin?

About the age of 8 I knew I wasn’t like anyone else. I longed to be loved and befriended, and never found that truly until 16 years of age, which saw me wasting most of my childhood trying to get people to be my friend.  I learned to accept my freakiness or “alien-ness” after finally finding my tribe/gay family in the Bay Area. I then quickly learned I was going to be sexualized for being so different, even from my LGBT community. That had to hurt the most, because not only was I hated and kept quiet by many, people were trying to keep me in the shadows, and they were also trying to rape me. It’s a twisted world the way humans egotistically categorize trans/non-binary people. You refer to me as an alien because that is what you read in the media, but only by inclination I can now tell my story. Thank you for this.

You’ve previously mentioned that you are looking to have a ‘gender unassignment’. What does this mean to you?

I’ve been tucking my junk for 8 years. I’m tired of tucking. I realized I needed to make a new genital from there.

vinny ohh

What are your thoughts on gender being a social construct?

IMPREGNATE ME, you hit the mark with a bang! I believe gender roles are beautiful. They’ve been constructed from different cultures, languages, and ego. It is imperative to break them and evolve for those who contain the mental capacity and thick skin to do it.

How did celibacy become a part of your life?

I’m creating a new genital. By removing sex drive and/or a need to have sex. I believe sexual attraction can be viewed as a curse on the world. There’s a great quote by a silly television show that goes, “Beauty is a curse on the world, it hides us from who the real monsters are.” It’s easy to be celibate when you will only sleep with decent men. They’re a rarity.

It goes without saying that being ‘different’ has its challenges. Is this something that you have experienced yourself, and if so has that deterred you in any way from proceeding with your body transformation?

Everyone is different. Everyone is the pilot in their cockpit. I am taking the steps I can with the best of the best doctors that have seen transitions through and through. Yes, that took me some time to finally come to the strength to do so personally, but also financially. It’s a joke how much money someone has to spend to cure their gender dysphoria.

Vinny Ohh genderless photoshoot.

What are the next steps you plan to take to achieve your genderless goals?

Finally get my special sexual unassignment, and keep living my life to love everything around me. Love is free and infinite. Tell someone you love them today. I love you.

Vinny ohh photographed for Subvrt magazine.

Photos by Lloyd Galbraith, interview by Sahar Nicolette. Follow Vinny Ohh on Instagram to keep up to date with their adventures.


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