Wedlock: Dark Fairytales & Misunderstood Beauty

“The trouble with Wedlock is there’s not enough wed and too much lock.” Finding inspiration in the original dark fairytales of the Brother’s Grimm, alongside the misunderstood beauty of bondage, dripping in Alabama Blonde’s wedding party inspired latex, came Wedlock. Unsubscribing to Disney and embracing to the of the beauty of breaking free, of exploring one’s mother’s closet, tying oneself up in order to let oneself be free.

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Photographer: The Furies @the__furies

Creative Director: Alabama Blonde @alabamablonde

Stylist: Kelly Tee @kellehtee

Hair Stylist: Shannon Bunn @shannonhmu

Makeup Artist: Chloe Rose @xs.rose

Models: Angus Green @angus__green / Eva Akhurst @crazydelicious__


All Garments: Alabama Blonde @alabamablonde – Matrimony Collection

Studded Boots: Antonia Pantazis @antoniahhhh

Jewellery, Cigarette Case, Red Boots: Shag Melbourne @shagmelbourne


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