Wild at Heart: Velvet Volume’s Noa Lachmi Defies Expectations of Femininity

“Before girls even have a chance to define what it means to be female themselves, they are dragged through a narrowminded vision of femininity. Wild at Heart is a dreamy and distorted exploration of the expectations surrounding femininity that women are taught throughout their childhood.” – photographer Linda Ponchinda. The editorial was shot in Berlin by a female + queer team and features Noa Lachmi, a member of Velvet Volume, an all-women rock group from Denmark.

Velvet Volume

Velvet Volume

Velvet Volume

Velvet Volume

Velvet Volume

Velvet Volume


Photographer: Linda Pochinda @lindapochinda lindapochinda.com

Model: Noa Lachmi @noa.lachmi

Styling: Zoe Facius @zoefacius stylingbyzoe.tumblr.com

Hair: Tasos Constantinou @tasos.hair

Makeup: Nicholas Serenio @spankedsiren


Lui Trash @lui.trash

Melisa Minca @melisaminca

Judith Bondy @judithbondy



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