Women’s March Sydney – Uniting Around the Globe

On the 21st of January, 2017 women from all around the globe united in solidarity for the Women’s March in their respective cities. This is a movement that has come as a well deserved response to U.S President Trump’s recent inauguration and his clear lack of respect for women’s rights. Attacks on abortion services, reproductive healthcare and sexual assault claims made from numerous women are just the icing on this extremely patriarchal cake. The marches however represent far more than just anti-Trump protests, they signify the need for reform to a long history of social injustices and human rights issues.

Women's March Sydney shot by Laura Clarke.
Women’s March Sydney shot by Laura Clarke.

Assembling as one loud, proud voice irregardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or religion, women internationally joined, linked as sisters supporting each other, fighting together in what would make the start of the resistance. We won’t be silenced, we won’t stand down, this is the time to stand unified and share the most powerful force of all – love.

Women's March Sydney shot by Laura Clarke
Women’s March Sydney shot by Laura Clarke

Words by Sara Nicolette, Photos by Laura Clarke @lauraclarkephoto


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  1. Hi Sara Nicolette,

    Love this alternative online magazine Subvrt! It provides a voice for the freedoms of all minority repressed groups in society including a very powerful yet silenced voice of centuries gone by…Women!
    Another great post.

    Warmest Blessings


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