Womunsual: Removing Gendered Association with Clothing

The inspiration used for ‘Womunsual’ was the questioning of “Why does a woman still need to dress in a ‘feminine’ way to reaffirm her position as a woman? What is beauty? Is beauty in clothing? Is beauty in the appearance of people?”

We believe, as queer people, it is our duty to question and confront patterns of all kinds, in some way. So we talked to a friend of ours, Leticia Cocuzzo – who doesn’t work as a model – and one of her main complaints was how society still expects women to dress up a certain way. For this editorial we used clothes with unusual proportions, telling a story to show that a woman does not have to carry any weight trying to fit in an established pattern, because she can do whatever she wants. I often say that clothing should not define gender because that is a role for people to tell who they are. “I can dress up as fu**in’ candy and still feel fierce, if I want to”, is the message we want to pass at the end.



Photographer: Renique Alves @reniquealves

Model: Letícia Cocuzzo @leticiacocuzzo

Styling & Fashion Production: Caique Jota @caiquejota


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