Yabun: Uniting in Recognition of Indigenous Australian Culture

On a day that is known to majority of Australians as ‘Australia Day’ a.k.a. ‘Invasion Day’ we attended Yabun, a festival that is an annual celebration of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture. With awareness about the true meaning behind the public holiday increasing over the past few years, this was an event that brought the indigenous community and fellow allies together in recognition of the original owners of the land.

Yabun Festival 2017 Shot by Laura Clarke
Yabun Festival 2017 Shot by Laura Clarke

The meaning of Yabun in the Gadigal language is ‘music to a beat’, with performers and dancers showcasing Indigenous Australian culture. Attendees joined in the dancing and singing, proudly speaking out in support of equality and against the ongoing injustice occurring against Indigenous Australians. Yabun Festival 2017 Shot by Laura Clarke

Words by Sara Nicolette, photos by Laura Clarke.


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